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Printing for events


Wide-format digital printing on a wide variety of materials and finishes, offering perfect solutions for your projects; stage set, temporary decoration, corporate events, conventions and congresses, fairs and stands, etc.


Comprehensive and totally personalised service in all our wide-format printing projects, ensuring the best results for your event.

Beginning with file management, advising on the printing technique and the most suitable support, post production and handling, and ending with the installation by our expert staff.


We offer different production techniques for wide-format printing. Macroprinting, printing on rigid media, sublimation, signage or labelling, among others.

Moreover, we have a wide range of finishes for our printings, such as welding, preparation, cutting and stamping, custom-made frames and all types of structures.


Extensive portfolio of printing materials such as PVC sheets, self-adhesive vinyl, policanvas, cotton or polyester fabricselastic fabrics, rigid supports, paper, linoleum or carpeted floors, among others.

* Other materials available. Check with us!


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