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Rental, custom design, construction and installation of all types of platforms, stages, or catwalks available with a wide range of accessories and finishes. 
Great solutions that respond to the needs of our clients for corporate events, award ceremonies, fashion shows, congresses or conventions, fairs and stands, among many other possibilities.


Easy to assemble modular platforms, made with highly resistant aluminium structure and anti-slip, phenolic plywood board. Rental platforms in several standard sizes and with telescopic or fixed feet. Accessories such as stairs, handrails or access ramps, amongst other options, are also available.

Construction and custom made production of platforms and stages in specific geometric shapes or in custom designs depending upon client needs.


We have different finish options for platforms and stages as described below:

Finishes for the stage in the colour of your choice with exhibition and stage carpet, linoleum flooring for dancing, wooden board or melamine.

Finishes for the stage skirt in the colour of your choice with plain or pleated fabric, or rigid skirt for exhibition and stage carpet or other similar material.

* Rental stage available in other finishes. Check with us!

Take advantage of our rental stage for events! You will not need a high budget to getting an excellent stage for events, portable stage or circular stage.


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